Weekend Breaks In Paris

Weekend breaks in Paris, simpler than ever

With financial uncertainty setting in many of us are worried about not being able to go away on holiday this year, the usual family jaunt to Spain and Greece or further a field destinations like Florida are looking less likely to be visited in the numbers that have jetted off in the past few years.

So what alternatives are there besides a wet weekend in the UK?  Well there’s always cheaper ways of enjoying your time off without having to fork out the money for surcharge laden flights.  One such option is choosing to go away to mainland Europe, many of the countries can be reached by train thanks to the Channel Tunnel linking our little island to France or if you’re thinking of taking your car and driving to France then there are plenty of ferries too.

A lot of people travelling to France make the most of their time there by taking their own car on a ferry and being able to visit many popular tourist hotspots dotted around the vast country, from the famous beach town of Cannes in the south to the historic beaches of Normandy in the north.  For families with smaller children you don’t need to jet off to Florida to visit the Magic Kingdom, there’s Euro Disney which will keep kids entertained for hours!

France makes a great holiday destination but one of the most popular vacations is the popular weekend city break in Paris.  The city is well known for its tourism industry and so there are plenty of places to stay in the city with many Paris Hotels offering stunning views of the city.  There’s no doubt that Paris is home to such rich culture that it’s no surprise that people flock there for the museums, galleries and of course the cuisine.

French food is loved the world over and Paris is renowned for the five star restaurants with many celebrity chefs having interests in the city you are always guaranteed a great meal and dining experience.  Whilst on the subject of food and drink France is obviously known for it’s wine producing industry and the added bonus of either driving your own car or hiring one is that you could easily visit one of the many different wine regions like Bordeaux or Beaujolais.

Many vineyards offer tours and better yet, tasting sessions!  Just make sure you have a designated driver or a hotel nearby if you choose to sample the local wines.  For those who are planning to drive whilst abroad make sure you are fully briefed on the driving customs and legalities abroad.  In some European countries you are required to carry extra safety equipment like a warning triangle so it is best to research your trip as you don’t want to fall foul of the foreign legal system!

You would also need to inform your car insurance company too and check that they will cover you for travelling abroad; quite often you will have to pay extra for coverage when driving in a foreign country.  Apart from this extra cost, holidays in France can work out much cheaper than flying away for your vacation but at the same time they can offer so much more variety to your holiday.