Options for travel to the South of France

If you are planning a trip to the South of France to spend some time on the ski slopes or to visit the lovely fields of lavender, then you likely are thinking about making travel arrangements so that you can prepare for your holiday properly.  Generally speaking there are two easy ways to get into France: choosing to fly or choosing to drive into the area by taking a ferry from England over to the southern regions via the Channel.

This can actually be a very fast and economical way to make the trip compared to booking flights but before choosing to drive there are a few factors that you need to consider.  For example, if you have a limited amount of time to spend on holiday than you may decide that flying is the best choice since you do not want to spend half of your holiday time en route to your destination.

In this case, flying would be the most logical choice as you can be in Southern France in around two hours depending on where you depart from within the UK. In addition, if you live in the Northern regions of the UK, then you will most likely want to heavily consider booking flights down to the South of France, or consider taking the EuroRail to help speed up your trip because driving for a short holiday break such as a week may be highly impractical.

You also need to consider the costs of petrol because as it continues to increase, in many cases flying is now actually the economical choice for those who want to keep their budgets light so that they can have more fun while actually on their holiday.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to fly into Southern France outside of purchasing your flight tickets you will also need to book your car hire.  Most times you can book your car hire at the same time as your flights for a discount and arrange to pick up your car directly at the airport in the arrivals area.

This way you can easily secure a car that is waiting for you and make the trip much easier on everyone as you can jump on the plane and then simply take off to your final destination once arriving at the airport.