Why a Driving Holiday?

Driving holidays from the UK to France and beyond are becoming more and more popular by the day. The freedom offered by taking one’s own transport on holiday is truly unique in the opportunities and ease it can bring. The decision to take a driving holiday this season can save you money, hassle and time. That’s before we even begin to consider that it will bring you across places you may never have considered visiting.

Marvel At The Hidden Gems

When we travel long distances, most of us choose to fly. While the thrill of an aeroplane is hard to rival, the sights seen below are far richer close up. As they say, the joy of holidays is in the travel. When travelling by road, you can stop off wherever you choose. This results in unexpected gems, as you will discover quaint French villages, rural treasures and deserted beaches. Having your own transport really does put you in control.


What’s more, travelling abroad by car is becoming far easier. Whereas in the past, it has been a struggle to ensure that one’s car is fully covered when abroad, nowadays Single Trip coverage is readily available. This reduces the hassle and planning which can often turn what is intended to be a relaxing experience in to a stressful nightmare.

Europe On Your Doorstep

The recession has seen a decrease in the number of long haul holidays. People are now looking for holidays which can offer them a lower price without a compromise in quality. The truth is, many of the world’s most glorious locations are within the continent of Europe. Whether it is a romantic city break, a thrill seeking stay in the Alps or a relaxing beach stay which floats your holiday boat, your needs can be satisfied by a short trip in the comfort of your own car.

When searching for a Ferry to France, you will see that ferry companies offer a myriad of routes. From any corner of the United Kingdom, you can choose your route to the continental destination of your choice. Having landed ashore, Europe is at your service. With so many easy and direct routes, the continent really is closer than ever. Closer than the continent is Ireland and with FerryToIreland.co.uk there are many enticing offers.


Having your own vehicle on holiday allows you and your travelling companions ultimate freedom. The ability to travel when and where you wish at your own pace is priceless. With the constraints of public modes of transport removed, you can sit back, relax and dedicate 100% of your time to enjoyment and full relaxation.

The benefits of a short haul holiday to Europe by car are too many to list. But with the ease of ferry travel and the independence of having your own transport, there is very little reason not to make this season’s getaway a driving holiday. When you return, you are sure to feel reinvigorated, relaxed and pleasantly surprised at the small hit taken by your wallet.