Car Hire in France

While it may seem like an intimidating idea to hire a car in a foreign country, the truth is that it is not too hard to hire a car in France so long as you plan ahead of time and make sure you are prepared when you walk into the agency.

Hiring a car in France is a great idea if you plan on taking an extended trip or if you tend to travel at night as the public transport such as the bus system closes earlier in the night than most people tend to stay out as tourists. Additionally, many people find the small cities in France to hold the most appeal and these locations do not have very many public transportation options.

First of all, you will need to carry three things with you in order to receive your rental car or book a car: a passport, EU or international drivers’ license, and either cash or an international credit card. You need your passport to prove your identity as it is the only internationally accepted document and also to prove your age since visitors to France are required to be at least 25 or older in order to be issued a car. Some car agencies will not require an international driver’s license to issue a car but all will require that you to show and EU license before driving off away.  You can check the latest requirements for driving overseas from sites such the AA.

You may want to use cash but most car hire company’s now require a MasterCard or Visa regardless of if you have cash or not. You can often also use a Visa/MasterCard debit card. For this reason it can be helpful to hire your car from a website written in your language before you leave for France.

Additionally, some hire car merchants do not speak English fluently so if you do not understand French or are not comfortable filling out the rental paperwork in French it may be easier to book your car online using a site such as 121 car hire france and have it delivered to the airport or hotel for pickup. This simply eliminates any confusion and provides you with the option of having your car ready for immediate use so that public transportation is never a complication during your trip. In short, hiring a car in France is very simple with just a little forethought and preparation.