The Port of Dover is the United Kingdom’s closest point to the European continent. It is located in Kent, in the south-eastern part of England. Because of its close proximity to Continental Europe, it has always played an important role in cross-Channel traffic. There are numerous ferry sailing every day headed for Calais or Dunkirk, at the other side of the English Channel, in France. Channel ferries operate day-in and day-out at the port. It is also a busy point for cruise ships, and a haven for yacht and pleasure-boat owners.

One of the Roman Empire’s bastions of old, Dover has a rich history and is definitely a place worth visiting. One of the main attractions here is the ‘Pharos’ (lighthouse). It is one of the best-preserved Roman structures in Europe. There is also the Roman Painted House, located at Priory Street – its well-preserved paintings and murals are an enthralling sight.

Overlooking the coast, Dover Castle offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and towns. Dover Castle has an interesting history, and was visited by historic figures like William of Normandy. It also has interesting architecture, with networks of secret tunnels cut deep into it, and into the White Cliffs behind it.

The port was established in 1606, and is run by the Dover Harbour Board. The Dover Harbour Board is responsible for the maintenance, improvement, and administration of one of the world’s busiest drive-on and drive-off ports of this day.

Services from Dover provide the fastest sea crossings to France. The port provides ferry services to Calais, Boulogne and Dunkerque (Dunkirk).

There are currently four ferry operators at Dover. Norfolkline, LD Lines,  P&O Ferries and SeaFrance provide traditional Ro-Ro ferry services from the Eastern Docks ferry port.
Dover Ferry Service Operators

P&O Ferries
With a journey time of 90 minutes journey time, P&O’s ferry crossing is a quick and enjoyable way to hit the Continent. With crossings, round the clock, you can choose from up to 46 sailings a day.
SeaFrance SeaFrance is the only French operator on the Dover-Calais route and that’s a fact they are proud of! From the moment you step on board you’ll feel like your trip to France has begun the friendly SeaFrance staff will help you to relax aboard one of their super-modern ferries. They are the way to France in space, comfort and style.

When it comes to eating and drinking SeaFrance offers something to suit every age and taste. You’ll discover a tempting choice of bars, cafes and restaurants onboard, each with its own ambiance but always relaxed and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience at La Brasserie or a quick bite to eat and a drink at Le Pub SeaFrance has you covered.

SeaFrance offer passengers a specially selected a range of products that can only be found onboard SeFrance ferries, including wines and spirits, fragrances, sweets and chocolates, toys and souvenirs. And the prices are very competitive, especially on perfumes, chocolates and alcohol. All the main methods of payment are accepted onboard in either pounds or euros, so it’s easy to pick up an armful of bargains when you travel with SeaFrance.

LD Lines
LD Lines operate a Dover-Boulogne service which runs all year round with four crossings each way during the week.
Norfolkline’s cross channel ferries run from Dover to Dunkerque with an approximate crossing time of 1 hour 45 minutes. There are up to seven sailings per day.