Dunkerque (or Dunkirk)

The Port of Dunkerque, also known as Dunkirk by the English, is located at the north of the Dover Straits. It is France’s third largest port, and the second French port for traffic to the United Kingdom. Just like the port of Calais and Dover, it has always played an important role in cross-Channel traffic. Freight ships, cruise ships, and other ships of all sizes also frequently dock here, because of the ample depth of its quay.

Dunkirk is a good alternative to the Calais port for holiday-goers with cars or for other travellers, because it is just 10 km from the Belgian border. Run by Norfolk Line ferries, the Dover-to-Dunkirk ferry service was launched in May 2000. The ferry service offers 10 sailings daily from Dover and vice-versa with three of the latest vessels on the Channel.

Just like Calais, Dunkirk town was largely destroyed during World War II. Indeed, little remained of the old town after the war. Today, it is a busy travelling hub and a popular holiday stopover for tourists. Nowadays, it has a great selection of modern shops and supermarkets, plus colourful weekly markets. Shoppers are offered a variety of goods here, from local crafts like crystal, pottery and lace, to imported first-rate goods like clothes and perfume. If you get tired of shopping, you can always hang out at the numerous bars and restaurants sprawled all over the town. They offer French and international cuisine.