Why travel by ferry to the Continent?

Ferry travel across the Channel has always been very popular; indeed it was the only choice available if you wished to take your car to the Continent prior to the opening of the Channel Tunnel.  Ferry travel includes all a traveller needs: dining, a room to rest, and most usefully if you have children with you, entertainment. These are in addition to some other onboard amenities that will vary between service providers. Therefore, a ferry is a great way to cross the pond. It is a high spot of a holiday for many people who love to watch the white cliffs of Dover appearing smaller and smaller as they head off for their annual holiday.

Travelling by ferry across the Channel is a very convenient way to journey with less bother than flying. Travellers do not have to journey between locations in a cramped aircraft with the attendant baggage limitations. On ferries, there are air-conditioned cabins where guests can rest comfortably. These cabins have facilities such as showers and toilets for a customer’s comfort.

There are also plenty of things to do whilst travelling across the Channel on a ferry ship, such as strolling along the deck to catch some fresh sea air, visiting the bars and restaurants onboard, or simply sitting back and enjoying the ride. Passengers are treated like valued guests and are pampered by the ship’s staff.

In addition to these plus points you can also of course take your car or people carrier with you on a ferry, conveniently leaving most of your luggage inside it whilst enjoying the ship’s amenities.

When it comes to crossing the Channel, ferries are for me every time.